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Palatelet Indices in Ladies With Normal Pregnancy in Red Sea State

Bashir Abdalrahman Bashir, Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad, Altag Madani Hassan, Asma Osman Ahmed, Roaa Abdalla Hamed, Hawa Osman Ibrahim , Tasabeeh Elsunni A.alazeem , Tasnim Eltayeb Ali Rajab and Zeinab Alamein Abdulqayym, Sudan

Background: Platelets indices, mean platelets volume (MPV), platelets distribution width (PDW) and platelets large cell ratio (P-LCR). Materials and method: This is prospective cross-sectional study is done to investigate platelets indices in uncomplicated pregnant women of varying age group(test 15-43y,control 18-50y) and tribes in Red sea state. The study included 98 females with normal pregnancy And 18 females used as normal controls; all females in the study were randomly selected. Justification: Thrombocytopenia are common in pregnant women. Platelet indices can be used as useful marker for predicting bleeding manifestation. Platelet indices can be used to indicate platelet activation & indirectly about the marrow activity. Objectives: . To investigate the platelet indices in women with uncomplicated pregnancy in red sea state. Result: the study clearly indicates that there are no difference in the platelets indices parameters in the group included in the study 9% of participants were thrombocytopenic and 91% were normal MPV(1%low,98% normal and 1%high ) PDW(1%low,90% normal and 9%high) PLCR(1% low, 98% normal_1% high). Conclusion: The study includes platelets count, mean platelets volume, platelets distribution width, and platelets large cell ratio in normal pregnant women in red sea state. And can used for comparison in nutritional status and other medical issue.

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