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Effectiveness of an IPE Model in Home-based Nursing Training to which Transitional Home Health Care has been Introduced

Noriko Ogawa, Yuko Fujio, Eriko Suzuki, Japan

Aims In the study, the transition from transitional home health care provided by hospitals to home-visit nursing after discharge was introduced to a course of practical home nursing training in order to investigate its effectiveness and establish an inter-professional education (IPE) model. Methods We reviewed the learning effects perceived by the students based on their practical home nursing training records, performed content analysis using a qualitative approach, and conducted statistical text analysis of the extracted data using text mining software by means of natural language processing. In addition, using a quantitative approach, we analyzed the results of a questionnaire that the students used to review their training. Results By undergoing training in multiple cross-regional medical centers as a part of a collaboration with community healthcare programs, students provided discharge support in coordination with discharge support nurses and other professionals with the same intentions. In addition, through providing home-visit nursing care, they realized that the discharge support that they had originally considered was insufficient, and learned how to care for people in a manner that enables them to live their lives as community residents rather than patients. Keywords: transitional home health care, IPE (inter-professional education), paradigm shift, practical home nursing training, collaboration with community healthcare

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