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Prolapsus Vagina in a Deer Without Pregnancy; Gastric Foreign Body and Gastrolith

T. Kutlu, O. Ozoner and S. A. Vural, Turkey

In the case, detected findings in a 10 year old female deer with history of chronic pain and recurrent prolapsus vagina and effects of these findings on prolapsus vagina were examined. During treatment vagina was torn and the animal died during operation. In necropsy ball of string with size of 24*7 cm, 2 gastrolites with size of 4*3*3 cm and 13*7*5 cm, respectively and prolapse in vagina was noticed. Cause of recurrent prolapsus vagina was thought to be foreign body and gastrolithes which was filling large part of rumen which in turn causing elevated intraabdominal pressure and chronic pain. In this case, consumption of non-food items due to nutritional deficiencies (Pica) observed also in wild animals. It has been realized that these items lead to predisposition to formation of gastrolithes. In conclusion, digestive system disorders and foreign bodies which can be found in rumen should be considered as a cause of vaginal prolapse which has many different causes in clinical examination and necropsy.

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