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The Cinderella of Diabetes Management: Health Care Workers Perception Regarding Diabetic Foot-care and Barriers in Primary Care

Firdous Jahan, Alya Al-Kiyumi, Zoya Shaikh, Oman

Background :
Diabetes management requires patients to follow self-care recommendations for diet, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, and medication. Diabetic foot problem has high morbidity and mortality which can be prevented by primary care physicians. This study evaluated the knowledge levels of primary care health care workers regarding diabetic foot care management and determined barriers.
Methods :
A cross sectional study conducted in a CME conducted by Family Medicine Department at Oman Medical College (OMC). The survey focused on health care professional's attitudes, sources of knowledge and recommendations regarding diabetic foot management, as well as attitudes and barriers not doing it by the patients with diabetes. Data was collected on a self-filled questionnaire. Data analysed in SPSS.
A total of 56 participants completed the questionnaire, more than half has adequate knowledge. Significant correlation is seen between years of experience, qualification, designation of study participants and their opinion regarding barriers of foot care among diabetic patients (p<0.05). A significant number of highly experienced and qualified study participants agreed that depression causing lack of personal interest, lack of collaboration and teamwork among health professionals and patient, availability of anti-diabetic drug, delayed referral to specialist clinic if needed, time constraint and lack of enough information provided to the patient by physician/ nurse were key barriers of foot care among diabetic patients (p<0.05).
Primary care physicians/ health care workers have adequate knowledge regarding appropriate foot care and risk factors however, specific knowledge about risk factors is deficient. Therefore, the need to acquire sufficient knowledge of foot care can be given which would have the ability to update the knowledge of evidenced-based foot care applications.

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