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Characterization of Kidney's Morphology in Patients With Sickle Cell Diseases Using Ultrasonography

Mohamed Abdalla Eltahir, Mohammed A. Ali Omer, Adil A. Mansour, Hammad Abdoh, Mohamed Elhag Osman, Saudi Arabia

The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of sickle cell diseases (SCD) on renal morphology by using ultrasonography. The method adapted was an experimental study among a sample consists of 115 SCD patients and 100 as control group. Grayscale ultrasonography of right and left kidneys performed among all patients and controls. All the patients were scanned instable state condition. The results analysis carried out by EXCELL software for the collected variables which revealed that: The disease (SCD) was higher in male than female (54.6% vs. 45.4% respectively). The renal volume decreased in patients with (SCD) while echogenicity of kidneys increased in 36.5% for right kidneys and 37.4% for left kidneys in (SCD) patients. The volumes of kidneys were decreased in patients with (SCD) relative to control group. The left kidney was slightly increased in echogenicity and enlarged than the right kidney. Early sonographic assessment of kidneys in patients with (SCD) can be used as early sonographic predictors of morphologic changes in kidneys. Thereby, these findings can guide the clinicians initiating adequate treatment at an early stage to avoid more complications.

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