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Prevention and Management of Obesity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saad Salman Alqarni, Saudi Arabia

Obesity and overweight are of worldwide concern due to the increasing prevalence globally. The number of obese people in the world posing a major health concern as obesity increases the risk of suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and myocardia infarction and depression. A previously health problem faced by developed countries, obesity is on the rise in the developing world. Several countries which previously had a lower prevalence of obesity are now faced with a major health issues. Saudi Arabia is one such nation, that is now faced with a high prevalence of overweight and obesity, and is considered among the nations with the highest prevalence of obesity. This is largely due to the interaction of several factors. This discussion will focus on the leading causes of obesity in Saudi Arabia, diseases associated with obesity, the treatment and management of obesity in the kingdom and the cost implications of the condition in healthcare.

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