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Mentoring Novice Nurses in Healthcare Organizations

Abigail Mitchell, Carl Lucas, Paige Cisar, Kristin Wilson, Justin Bowe, USA

Mentoring in nursing has been shown to be an essential component to the development of a new nurse as demonstrated by Patricia Benner's novice to expert theory. Mentorship plays a vital role in attracting, educating, and retaining new nurses as they progress from novice to expert during their career. Mentoring is not a new concept in nursing. The nursing shortage continues to be an issue in various locations in the United States, and will increase by 2030. The other major concern is the predication that 55% of the current practicing nurses plan to retire by 2020. Healthcare organizations need to be proactive and start implementing mentoring programs sooner than later. There has been emerging evidence that supports the value of mentoring. The goal of this research study was to perform a comprehensive literature review on mentoring.

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