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Study on the Availability and Utilization of Sanitary Facilities in Selected Markets in Aba, Southeast, Nigeria

Amadi C.O.A; Ukala K.S; Amadi A.N; Ede A.O; Iro, O.K; Zacheaus U and Obasi K.O, Nigeria

Inadequate sanitary facilities such as water supply, toilets, waste bins and hand washing basin in markets brings about contamination of food. The objective of this study was to ascertain availability and utilization of sanitary facilities in selected markets in Aba, Abia State. A cross-sectional research design was adopted for the study and simple random sampling technique was used in selecting five markets in Aba Metropolis. Seven hundred respondents comprising of market workers were interviewed using structured questionnaire in addition to market inspection checklist of the premises. Questionnaires were distributed in each of the market stalls whereby the owner or sales reps were interviewed. Results showed that Ariaria market had 48 toilets with 1: 109 persons per toilet; Ngwa Road had 22 toilets with 1: 39 persons per toilet; Shopping Centre had 32 toilets 1: 39 persons per toilet; Cemetery, 21 toilets with 1: 55 persons per toilet and Nkwo Ngwa had 3 toilets with 1: 100 persons per toilet. Seventh percent of respondents in Ariaria market used toilets; twelve percent in Cemetery market and the least was 5.1% in Nkwo Ngwa market. Market workers refused to use toilets and urinals for fear of being infected (44%), unhygienic condition (37%), distance (8%), and cost of toilets and urinal (10.6%) Ariaria market had four dust bins while others had one each. The study therefore showed that sanitary facilities were grossly inadequate compared to the statutory requirements of Federal Ministry of Environment of one toilet to 20 persons for public places. Consequently it recommends provision of adequate sanitary facilities in markets.

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