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State of periodontal health of children talibes of the prefecture of Banamba in Mali: 205 observations

Diawara O, Ba B, Kane A. S. T, Niang A, Guirassy M. L, Ba M., Diarra S.,, Diallo B., Diarra D . Kayentao K, Maiga B, Diarra A., Diop S., Bamako

Introduction: Oral and periodontal health are fundamental elements of overall health. All children and adolescents should have access to preventative and curative oral care. Thus the aim of this work is to evaluate the periodontal health of talibes children in Banamba circle. Materials and methods: This was a cross-sectional, descriptive study based on the observation of the periodontal health status of 205 talibe children aged 3 to 18 enrolled in traditional Koranic schools residing in Banamba Circle. the recruitment was non-exhaustive, were included in the study any student talibe aged 3 to 18 years enrolled in one of the selected Koranic institutions and who agreed to answer the questionnaire and to be examined. The information and clinical data were recorded on a survey form developed for the circumstance according to the objectives of the study, the talibes were invited to answer the questionnaires after obtaining their informed verbal consent and that of their master. Data entry was performed on the Word 2010 office software and data analysis from EPI-info-3.5.3.French version software. Results: The male sex was the most represented with 95.60% of cases; with a sex ratio of 21.78. The age group of 8 to 12 years was the most represented with 49.27% of the cases, 142 talibes children had at least one decayed tooth (69,27% of the cases). The talibes had an average plaque index in 40.00% of cases. Severe inflammation was 0.49% and scaling was the most represented CPITN treatment need index at 62.50%. There is no statistically significant relationship between plaque index, gingival index, and age group. Conclusion: The study found that the periodontal health status of talibes is satisfactory. There was no statistically significant relationship between plaque index, gingival index, and age group. It is important to educate talibe children about the benefits of brushing their teeth with a particular focus on frequency and timing.

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