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Patients' Quality Assessment and Evaluation of American Univeristy of Nigeria health Centre

Philip Eappen, Joshua Chidiebere Nwambo, Nigeria

Patients' satisfaction is an important component of evaluating quality care in any health care setting and hence, assessment and feedback evaluation is inevitable for any health care manager. The aim of this study was to assess and evaluate patient satisfaction with the care received at the American University of Nigeria health center using patient's satisfaction as a prime indicator. A descriptive cross sectional approach was used to evaluate patient response from July 2015 to August 2016 using a standardized questionnaire to collect data. Using purposive sampling technique targeting members of American University of Nigeria, 246 responses was received and analyzed using descriptive statistics. Based on the patient provider communication, 95.2% of the respondents were satisfied. Patients varied in their level of satisfaction with the quality of care providers and related care services but on the sum was positive as shown by the (93.5%) and (86.1%) positive assertion while 88% were satisfied with the care products. In this study the respondents demonstrated high level of satisfaction with the services received at the health center. Modalities to evaluate and retrieve relevant information using patients' satisfaction as prime indicator for quality should be integral to any health care manager. This will ensure continual update of care to meet patient need and ensure maximum patient satisfaction.

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