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Prevalence and Pattern of Work-related Stress and Fatigue Among Workers at the University of Port Harcourt.

Nkporbu a. K. , Douglas K. E, Nigeria

BACKGROUND: Work and work environment are important influences on both health and productivity. Psychosocial hazards, including work place stress and fatigue may be assuming a deleterious trend in occupational health and safety, especially in developing countries like Nigeria AIM: The study was to assess the prevalence and pattern of work -related psychosocial stress and fatigue among Workers at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. METHODOLOGY: Following approval from the Ethical Committee of the University, 600 consenting staffers of the University were recruited by systematic random sampling and pretested structured closed ended self-administered questionnaires were distributed among them including a work through survey. Results were presented using descriptive and analytical methods. RESULTS: The prevalence of work-related stress was 62.2% while of the factors studied under work-related fatigue, environment stress was the most prevalent with56.0% , followed by mentally and physically demanding work with 34.1%.Work-related stress was regular with 8.6%. and under work-related fatigue, environmental stress was most regular with 9.9%(n=), followed by Mentally & physically demanding work, with 2.5% regular in occurrence. Conclusion: Work-related stress and fatigue among workers at the University of Port Harcourt is common. There is need to institute appropriate occupational health and safety measures to reduce work -related stress and fatigue.

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