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The Validity and Reliability Study of the Quality of Nursing Care Scale (OPPQNCS-SF): 'Perception of Oncology Patients'

Ay S ; Yucel S.C, Turkey

Cancer one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality is on the increase throughout the world. The care needs of cancer patients are rather complicated. In the improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients, professional care plays a significant role. One of the determinants of quality of life is patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is a multi-dimensional healthcare construct which is affected by many variables. Systematic measurement of patients' perceptions of and satisfaction with their care by health care providers is gaining more and more importance day by day. This study was aimed at assessing the construct validity and reliability of the Oncology Patients' Perceptions of the Quality of Nursing Care Scale (OPPQNCS) in Turkey. Materials and Methods: This study is a cross-sectional study. Exploratory factor analysis was used to examine the construct validity. Its reliability assessed using coefficient alpha, a measure of internal consistency. Results: The result for the internal consistency reliability of the scale was 0.91 for the total scale. Conclusion: It was concluded that the Turkish version of the OPPQNCS-SF was a valid and reliable instrument for the evaluation of cancer patients.

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