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Elevated broad spectrum protease inhibitor, alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) in long lived naked mole rat (NMR) may open a new window to develop a medicine for our healthy life

Mohammad M Khan, USA

The discovery of the life pattern of long lived NMR(Heterocephalusglaber) may be a milestone to develop a new concept "how we can live long with a healthy life". Recently it was reported that, in NMR,elevated level of a broad spectrum protease inhibitor, A2M plays an important role in anti-cancer and anti-aging mechanisms.Raising A2M level in our body by eating "some natural products" may be a milestone in developing a method (A2M-ShopAnn System) for prevention and treatment of many disease(s). Since A2M (a physiological broad spectrum protease inhibitor) is continuously eliminating proteases and other toxic products from our body and to keeping us healthy, by measuring A2M concentration in our body can be speculated the current status of the body in preventing capacity of any individual from the pathological effect of protease(s) and other toxic products which are the key elements for the beginning of many disease(s).

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