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Communicable Diseases Incidence in Meghalaya

Daianolin Nongshli, India

Communicable diseases are the world's biggest killers of children and causes of preventable deaths among adults in the developing world. This paper analyses the spatial pattern in the prevalence of communicable diseases in different district of Meghalaya as a whole and West Khasi Hill District in particular. The major communicable diseases have been taken for consideration as these have a direct relation with the environment. The main objective is to analyse the spatial patterns and to identify and map the endemic areas of diseases related to specific environmental characteristics. This will help to understand the disease ecology of different districts in Meghalaya and the state as a whole as well. It will see the prevalence of diseases in the Khasi and Garo hills in relation to the altitude, climate and the environment. It will help to understand the differences in the occurrence of diseases between the cooler region and the hot and humid region. Relevant data has been collected from the Directorate of Health Services, Meghalaya for the year 2011, the District Medical & Health Officer (DMHO) West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin for the year 2011 and from the Directorate of Census Operations, Meghalaya.'

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