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Factors Affecting Attendance of Healthcare Institutions

Wafaa Allam Menawi, Dilek Gulec, Palestine

The purpose of this study was to investigate the beliefs and attitudes of Palestinian and Turkish citizens towards the factors affecting attendance at healthcare facilities. To this ends, the researchers have conducted a comparative cross-sectional study on the beliefs and attitudes of the citizens concerned. They administered a questionnaire in both Palestine and Turkey to collect data regarding factors that encourage people to seek sustainable healthcare at health institutions. The researchers have administered the questionnaire to 4,100 people: 2,600 from Ankara, Turkey and 1,500 from Nablus, Palestine. After its collection, the researchers conducted data analysis, using SPSS18, 0 programs. They also conducted the statistical test for frequency distributions, made a descriptive analysis and ANOVA. This study has found that there were statistically significant differences (p <0.05) between Palestinian and Turkish citizens in the factors affecting their dealing with the healthcare institutions which could be attributed to their beliefs and attitudes.

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