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Knowledge of the University of Namibia Third Year Bacherol in Nursing Students Regarding Post Operative Management of Patients After Thyroidectomy

Shaama W. S, NghitanwaE.M, Amukugo H. J., Namibia

Thyroidectomise is one of the major operations performed in surgical units. It is vital that healthcare professionals including student nurses should be able to manage patients after thyroidectomise , by identifying problems and begin timely interventions to prevent serious and life-threatening complications. The aim of this study was to determine the knowledge of 3rd year nursing students at the University of Namibia (UNAM) regarding the management of patients after thyroidectomise. The objectives of this study were to assess and explore the knowledge level of UNAM third year bachelor in nursing students concerning post-operative management of patients who had thyroidectomise, and to determine the managements and care rendered to post-operative patients who had thyroidectomise. A quantitative, cross sectional design was used. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire. A simple random sampling was employed and 58 participants participated in the study. The collected data was analysed using micro soft excel, 2013. The study concluded that the knowledge level of the 3rd year bachelor in nursing students regarding management of patients after thyroidectomise was below average. Therefore, there is a need of extra education and training for bachelor in nursing students focused more on preoperative nursing care, particularly on thyroid surgery in order to improve their level of knowledge and enhance safe patient care during their clinical practices.

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