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Hospital Waste and Typhoid Fever, a Public Health Problem in Hospitals: Treatment and Comparison of the Activity of Gatifloxacin, Cefixim and Chloramphenicol in Kinshasa (Drcongo)

K. Lulali, K.wanduma, M.mukaya, C.mulaji, E. Biey, M.k. Kiyombo, C. Bouland, Belgium

The present study aims to compare the activity of three oral antibiotics (gatifloxacin, cefixime and chloramphenicol) in nurses in three hospitals in Kinshasa, DRC (HGPRK, HGRN and HGK). The management of hospital waste solid or not does not follow the standards issued by the WHO (garbage are not up to standard, the staff has no protective equipment .). Staff infected with salmonella typhus is nurses, paramedics, workers who are in the forefront in the collection, packaging and treatment of solid biomedical waste. Having been treated with the three antibiotics, the activity of gatifloxacin shows a cure of 94.74% and makes disappear completely the symptoms on the nurses followed. This activity is higher than that of cefixime for 63.15% and chloramphenicol for 52.63%.
It is useful to recommend gatifloxacin followed by cefixime in developing countries.

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