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sepA gene is positively regulated in fluoroquinolones exposed MRSA-biofilm

Ana Paula Becker, Rafael Schneider, Cicero AG Dias, Alexandre Jose Macedo, Brasil

Efflux pumps appear to be essential in bacterial bio films and have been reported as one of the mechanisms responsible for the antimicrobial resistance in bio film structures. In this study, we tested the response of MRSA clinical isolates to sub inhibitory concentrations of ciprofloxacin associated with reserving (an efflux pump inhibitor). Bio film formation decreased in presence of ciprofloxacin and reserving. On the other hands expression of sep Agene (coding for an efflux pump) increased with ciprofloxacin and returns to control levels when bio film was exposed to ciprofloxacin and reserving eat the same time. These results confirms its involvement with bio film formation and suggest sep A as important target for further studies to treat mature bio film.

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