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Analysis of the Concept of "beogeoum (Unmanageable)" Experienced by Nursing Students

Yu, Mi-Jin; Nam, Ji-Ran; Lee, Ja-Young, South Korea

Purpose: This study is aimed at summarizing and clearly investigating the ambiguous concept of 'beogeoum (unmanageable)'that nursing students are experiencing.

Methods: Method of Walker and Avant (2005) was applied to analyze the concept of 'beogeoum (unmanageable)' of nursing students.

Result: As the results of analysis of the concept of 'beogeoum (unmanageable)' experienced by nursing students, prerequisites were found to be external situations, personal characteristics, social support and measures taken, while conceptual attributes were found to be extreme situational excess, burden that exceeds personal capabilities, negative emotional experiences and deviating behavior, understanding of unmanageable, understanding of personal characteristics and mediation strategy, and results were found to be adaptation and maladaptation. Prerequisites of unmanageable experienced by nursing students differ in that they are external situations that continue over prolonged prescribed period rather than a triggering event that occurs suddenly under crisis situation and that has temporal concept.Even if external situations recognized as being 'beogeoum (unmanageable)' continue to exist, if nursing students can utilize them as opportunistic factor by maximally drawing out their potentials, they could act as affirmative effect on successful adaptation to university life and on their future career.

Conclusion: Appropriate intervention of 'beogeoum (unmanageable)' of nursing students can fortify the competencies of individuals and elevate the level of happiness by maintaining and enhancing their physical and psychological health.

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