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Knowledge of the Third Year University of Namibia bachelor Degree Student Nurse Midwives Regarding the Immediate Care of the New Born

Mutangara Asteria Mbava, Tuwilika Endjala, Emma Maano Nghitanwa, Namibia

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2015 report 2.7 million neonates die in the world annually during the neonatal period and 75% of the deaths occur during the first week in the neonatal period. Care of the newborn baby after delivery is an essential aspect since healthy and sturdy babies are likely to evolve as physically and mentally strong adults with enhanced quality of human resource development. The purpose of this study sought to determine the knowledge of the third year University of Namibia (UNAM) Bachelor degree student nurse midwives regarding the immediate care of the new born. Quantitative, descriptive cross-sectional study design was utilized during this study. Data was collected with a self administrative questionnaire among 46 Bachelor degrees in nursing and midwifery science students and was analysed used SPSS version 25. The study found out that participants had adequate knowledge on the immediate care of the newborn after delivery. The researchers recommend further study to be conducted among other health care workers in the country to assess their knowledge and practices on the immediate care of the newborn.

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