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Laser DCR with 'Bari Device' in Elderly patients- A longitudinal study

Md Bazlul Bari Bhuiyan, Kamal Uddin Chowdhury, Mohammad Shafiqul Islam, Abid Akber, Bangladesh

This prospective Cohort study was done during the period of January 2012 to January 2016 on elderly patients having symptoms due to acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction (NLDO) to observe the outcome of Laser DCR with 'Bari Device'. Fifty six eyes of 54 patients aged 60 years and above were included in this study. Transcanalicular Laser DCR was done under local anesthesia (L/A) using 980 nm wavelength diode LASER through fiber optic delivery system. A specially designed medical grade silicon made device (Bari Device) was implanted at the opening site in every case which was removed later on. About 57% (n=32) were female and 42.9% (n=24) were male. Two (3.6%) were failed cases of conventional DCR. Fifty percent (n=28) had left sided , 42.9% (n=24) had right sided and two patients (3.6 %) had both sided problem. Criteria of post Laser success were: 1. Absence of watering and discharge, 2. Disappearing fluorescein dye and 3. Syringing Patency. Forty nine patients, that is 87.5 % showed satisfactory outcome after primary procedure . Success rate increased to 92.86 % with repeat procedure of the failed cases in long term follow up (24 months to 72months).

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