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Factors Contributing to Diarrhoea in Children Under Five Years at Okuryangava Clinic, Khomas Region

Haifete A. N., Shifidi L., Namibia

Diarrhoea remains a high burden disease among the under-fives despite the availability of simple, affordable and effective treatment modalities in Namibia, sub-Sahara African countries and elsewhere in the world. The high prevalence of diarrhoea is a cause for concern and is becoming a critical issue that needs to be attended to immediately. The purpose of the study was to describe factors contributing to diarrhoea among children under the age of five years at Okuryangava Clinic. The objective was to determine the factors that contribute to diarrhoea in children less than five years of age at the above-mentioned clinic. The study used a quantitative, descriptive research design. Data was collected using interviewer administered questionnaires. Data was entered manually and analysed by use of Microsoft excel software. The results revealed that lack of hand washing facilities, little access and lack of latrines at home and in the community and shortage of water supplies are the main factors contributing to diarhoea. The researchers recommended different approaches in diarhoea prevention such as promotion of hand washing before touching, cooking and eating food; toilet use; provision of safe water and proper sanitation in the community.

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