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Acupuncture Treatment in Cervical Spondylosis Due to Computer Use in Daily Practice

Jihe Zhu, Blagica Arsovska, Kristina Kozovska, Anita Atanasova, Macedonia

Long and irregular sitting in front of a computer, at home or at the workplace, often causes back pain. This pain is one of the most common health problems. Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative spinal disease and most commonly occurs in people who have long been in sitting position. In this research are included 30 patients, 14 male and 16 female who work at sitting position at least 2 hours a day on a computer. The patients are on age from 28 to 81. All patients are treated with acupuncture in a clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, by a doctor specialist in acupuncture, on the same points. Treatments are made once a week, with duration of 30-45 minutes. Acupoints used in the treatment are: GV14 (DaZhui), LI11 (QuChi), GB21 (JianJing), DU20 (Baihui), DU21 (Qianding), SJ16 (Tiannyou), Bl10 (Tianzhu), SI15 (Jianzhongshu), SI14 ( Jianwaishu), GB20 (FengChi) and 6 Ashi points on the neck. All patients have done between 1-10 treatments, with 4 treatments on average. Average age is 46, and most common age group is 30-40. The treatments were effective and with positive results in all the treated patients. Acupuncture as part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine gives very satisfying and long-lasting results in the treatment of cervical spondylosis due to computer use in the daily practice.

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