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IgA Multiple Myeloma, Revealed by Isolated Nephrotic Syndrome in a 36 Years Old Patient

Moussair Fatima-Azzahraa, Aouragh Sana, Zahi Loubna, Tali Abdelali, Haouach khalil, Chabaa Laila, Morocco

Multiple Myeloma (MM) or Kahler's disease is a malignant plasmocytic infiltration of the bone marrow; these plasma cells secrete a complete or not immunoglobulin (Ig) and various cytokines. The average age of onset is beyond 65 years old, very rare before 40, and never concerns the child. In general, bones lesions frequently dominate the clinical picture, and it's rarely revealed by other signs. Some studies have examined the impact of age on the different aspects of MM, and the prognostic factors according to age groups. This case is about a 36-year-old man diagnosed with an IgA multiple myeloma, revealed by isolated nephrotic syndrome due to primary renal amyloidosis, without any other clinical or biological sign. We present through this particular observation, the clinical aspect, the radiological and biological characteristics as well as the evolution of this pathology in the young subject, compared to older patients

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