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Methods of Closure of Mastectomy Wound to Improve Outcome

Monika Rezacova, UK

Mastectomy remains one of the methods of surgical treatment for breast cancer. It is major operation that carries multiple risks for wound healing. The right closure technique remains crucial not only to create good cosmetic results but also to provide ground for future treatment or reconstruction.
Main text:
I have reviewed multiple studies looking at the post operative complications (mainly seroma formations) from different closure perspective. I have also compared these studies with personal experience in our breast unit. There is still high seroma incidence in our breast unit and by looking through current evidence, we were hoping to adjust our technique to improve patients' outcome.
There is no standard for closure of mastectomy wound. Exploring the possibilities of other studies, it remains obvious, that closure is mainly at discretion of surgeon's abilities and preferences. There are retrospective studies that showed that closure of death space can significantly reduce the amount of seromas and complications related to them. Discussion:
Closure of death space remains one of the key elements of reducing seroma and other complications. There are only few prospective studies but more trials are planned or ongoing in near future

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