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Factors Affecting Utilization of Child Delivery Services Among Multiparous Women in Oshana Region, Namibia.

Helena Hidengwa, Kathe. Hofnie-//Hoebes, Linda N Lukolo, Lukanga C Kimera, Namibia

Giving birth in a medical institution, under the care and supervision of trained health-care providers, reduces the risk of maternal mortality and promotes child survival. Despite efforts by the Namibian government, through the Ministry of Health and Social Services, to promote delivery at health facilities by pregnant women, a big number women still give birth at home. This study was conducted to investigate factors that might be affecting utilization of antenatal and delivery care services among multiparous women in three health facilities in Oshana region of Namibia i.e. Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, Ongwediva and Old Nick health centres.
This was a quantitative cross-sectional study. A total of 142 multiparous women were conveniently recruited while attending postnatal care services at Oshakati Intermediate hospital, Ongwediva and Old Nick health centres in Oshana region Namibia. A structural questionnaire comprising of two sections was used. Section A of the questionnaire focused on socio-demographic information while section B focused on obstetric characteristics. Epi-info version 7 was used to analyse the data.
Of the 142 women who participated in the study 71 (50%) delivered in the health facilities and 71 (50%) delivered at home. The mean age of women who delivered at home was 28.13 years while the mean age of those who delivered in the health facilities was 33.15 years. 77.5% of the participants who delivered from health facilities had secondary or tertiary education. In comparison only 45% of participants who delivered at home had post-primary education. Only 32.4% of women who delivered at home had at least 4 antenatal visits, compared to 86% of those who delivered in the health facilities. Distance to the health facilities was the major factor affecting reproductive health services in this region of Namibia.

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