Volume 3, Issue 2 , Apr 2019

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Knowledge of Nursing Students Regarding Rendering of Palliative Care in Namibia
Helvi Shinoto, Tuwilika Endjala, Emma Maano Nghitanwa, Namibia
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Ecological Study of the Variations in Tuberculosis Case Notification Rates Among the Namibian Health Districts
Tuwilika Endjala, Jacob Sheehama, Mirjam Nalupe, Namibia
12-28 PDF
The Steadier - the Better the Course Time - an Analysis From Patrouille Des Glaciers
Dr.med Benedikt Gasser, Switzerland
29-36 PDF
Simulation-based Training in Nursing and Midwifery: A Literature Review
Emma Maano Nghitanwa, Tuwilika Endjala, Saara Kerthu Hatupopi, Namibia
37-46 PDF
Direct Oral Anticoagulant Contribution to Antivitamins K in the Treatment of Thromboembolic Diseases
Allali Asma, Oukass Siham, Mouamin Maryam, Yahyaoui Hicham, Chakour Mohamed, Morocco
47-55 PDF
Nutritional Supplements Use in Physically Active Italian Adults: What Do They Use and How Are They Influenced?
Roberto Cannataro, Virginia Lemon, Maria Cristina Caroleo, Erika Cione and Stella Lucia Volpe, Italy
56-62 PDF
Is Happiness Overrated? The Duality of Reasons Behind Our Actions
Ashkan Farhadi, USA
63-68 PDF
Compliance with Standard Precautions of Infection Control in the Management of Labour by Health Care Workers at Mulago Hospital, Uganda
Grace Komuhangi, Nwanna Uchechukwu Kevin, Ilori Oluwole, Lydia Kabiri, Uganda
69-83 PDF