Volume 3, Issue 4 , Aug 2019

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IgA Multiple Myeloma, Revealed by Isolated Nephrotic Syndrome in a 36 Years Old Patient
Moussair Fatima-Azzahraa, Aouragh Sana, Zahi Loubna, Tali Abdelali, Haouach khalil, Chabaa Laila, Morocco
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Effect of Universal Healthcare Program Reforms in Georgia on Primary Health Care Service Utilization and Patient Satisfaction
L.Gumbaridze; T.Chanadiri; L.baramidze; I.Zarnadze, Georgia
08-18 PDF
Vitamin D Levels in Patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever During Attacks and Attack-Free Periods
Aykac Cebicci Mehtap, Cebicci Huseyin, Turkey
19-26 PDF
Weekly Assessment of Proteinuria After Renal Transplantation: A Possible Clinical Relevance
Feras Samir, Mahmoud Mansour, Mohammad S Shawaqfeh, Abdel kareem Albekairy, Saleh Al Dekhail, Abdul malik Alkatheri, Saudi Arabia
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Knowledge and Practices of Caregivers Regarding Malaria Prevention and Control Strategies at Engela District Hospital, Ohangwena Region,
Haifete A. N., ShevanyengaL. T., Namibia
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The Value of the Cerebroplacental Ratio as an Independent Predictor of Adverse Perinatal Outcome
Ramirez Pujadas, Amparo; Pina Perez, Silvia; Jurado Seguer, Judith; Pijuan Panades, Nuria; Deus Botti, Carolina; Costa Pueyo, Jordi, Spain
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Pay-for-Performance Programs in Diabetes Care: The Perspective of Medical Satisfaction and Value Co-creation
Yu-Hua Yan, Chih-Ming Kung, Yu-Hsia Wang, Taiwan
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